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Edward Cullen and Margaret Prest

Edward was the youngest child of Richard Cullen and his wife Elizabeth Younge. He was born on Greenstreet and lived there his whole life. Edward was baptised on November 30th, 1800. His birth is sometimes listed as 1801, but that is due to confusion with his cousin Edward, who was born the next year; the son of his Uncle William and his wife Elizabeth.

Marriage to Margaret Prest

Marriage entry for Ed Cullen and Margaret Prest

Edward Cullen married Margaret Prest on October 29, 1821. Joseph and Elizabeth Cullen are the two witnesses.

We have little information about Edward and Margaret once they were married except that he worked as a Master Plumber and Glazier and they too lived directly on Greenstreet.


The couple had six children in total, although two died as teenagers and one died soon after he was born. They were:

  • William, born in December, 1823 who later married his cousin, Emily Prest;
  • Jane, born in 1826, who married Jabez Whitehead;
  • Mary Ann, born in 1827 who died in 1841;
  • Amelia, born in 1828, who later married William Harvey;
  • Edward, born in 1832 who died in 1848; and
  • Richard, who was baptised on New Year's Day 1838 and buried 14 days later.

William and Jane grew up and stayed in the village for most of their lives. Amelia and her husband moved about the country.

Census Records

Edward and Margaret were each 40 years old by the time of the first census in 1841. They were living on Greenstreet with Amelia, age 13 and Edward age 9. William Matthew Prest age 14 and the son of William Chalk Prest and Elizabeth Hole was also there at the time. In 1851, the couple were still on Greenstreet, each 50 years old. Their daughter Jane and Son-in-law Jabez Whitehead were living with them. Jabez was listed as a draper. By 1861, the couple, then aged 61, were living on their own. Edward died before the 1871 census. Margaret was living with her 24 year old grandson, Edward; William and Elizabeth's oldest son, who did not marry until 1874. At some point, Margaret must have moved to Chatham, because her burial record lists her as living there when she died.


Both Edward and Margaret were buried in the Teynham Church. We have been unable to locate a monument in the churchyard. Their burial records follow:

Edward Cullen's burial

Margaret Cullen's burial