Sims Family Generations

The Sims family story is described by generation, starting with our "Brickwall"; the parents of Robert Sims, of Dover, in Kent, England.

Robert Sims is the first generation of which we have clear evdence. He died in Dover in 1789 and left a widow, Sarah (nee Baker).

Robert and Sarah had three children; James, Elizabeth and Robert. A James Sims married Jane Castleman and lived in Plumstead. We think this is the same James Sims, but proof is elusive. They had three boys;  Ebenezer William, Henry and James John.

Ebenezer William married Francis Warren and they moved to Van Dieman's Land, now Tasmania.

James John Sims married Elizabeth Chammings. The couple had seven children before he died prematuely at age 38. Elizabeth returned to Devon where she grew up.

James John and Elizabeth's oldest son was Ebenezer Edwin Sims. He married twice and had a total of eight children.

Their fifth child Montague Sydney Sims married Emma Lucy Cullen and they had four boys; Leonard, Donald, Jack and Sydney.

Jack had a son, Andrew and he is this site's editor.

Leonard Sims

Leonard at 20 months
Leonard Sims, age 20½ months, with his mother and grandmother

Leonard Edward Montague Sims was the first of four sons for Monty and Emma Lucy Sims.  He was born at 25 Ridley Road, Rochester on February 10, 1909.

As a child, Leonard attended the local Church of England School in Rochester, and went to the Sunday School, probably at Rochester Cathedral, since it was very close by.  He was a Boy Scout and went to the usual camps.  He took piano lessons, but without exhibiting any notable talent in that direction.

...Love divine all loves excelling,
pure and spotless let us be...

Leonard would have been about ten when the family left Rochester to move to Southboro. There, until he was at least fourteen, he sang in the church choir.

At age 19, while still at school, Leonard suffered from a long illness and eventually died on September 5, 1928. He died, at home at Southview, Powder Mill Lane, Southbro, Kent. The cause of death was listed as (i) asthenia and amyloid degeneration of the bowel and liver and (ii) Pulmonary Tuberculosis heated after artificial pneumothoris in March. This may have followed from an accident in the chemistry lab at school.

His death was a shattering blow to his parents. While his mother worked hard to help the family, and particularly her husband, overcome the grief, Monty was never the same thereafter.

Leonard Sims, age 17