Sims Family Generations

The Sims family story is described by generation, starting with our "Brickwall"; the parents of Robert Sims, of Dover, in Kent, England.

Robert Sims is the first generation of which we have clear evdence. He died in Dover in 1789 and left a widow, Sarah (nee Baker).

Robert and Sarah had three children; James, Elizabeth and Robert.  A James Sims married Jane Castleman and lived in Plumstead. We think this is the same James Sims, but proof is elusive. They had three boys;  Ebenezer William, Henry and James John.

Ebenezer William married Francis Warren and they moved to Van Dieman's Land, now Tasmania.

James John Sims married Elizabeth Chammings. The couple had seven children before he died prematuely at age 38. Elizabeth returned to Devon where she grew up.

James John and Elizabeth's oldest son was Ebenezer Edwin Sims. He married twice and had a total of eight children.

Their fifth child Montague Sydney Sims married Emma Lucy Cullen and they had four boys; Leonard, Donald, Jack and Sydney.

Jack had a son, Andrew and he is this site's editor.

James Sims and Jane Castleman

Our working assumption is that the James Sims described below is indeed the James Sims of Dover; son of Robert and Sarah Sims. We have yet to find firm proof of that proposition, although various signs point in that direction. There were, however Sims and Castleman families on the North Kent side of the Thames and we continue to research all the possibilities.

We do know that this James Sims, whether the son of Robert and Sarah, or of some other family, is indeed the direct ancestor of all those described who follow. It is the Dover to Woolwich connection that is our "weakest link in the chain".

James Sims married Jane Castleman at the parish church in Plumstead, Kent, on February 14th, 1801.

James Sims and Jane Castleman's marriage certificate
The marriage record for the wedding of James Sims and Jane Castleman at St. James, Plumstead on February 14th, 1801.


The couple had three children that we know of, all baptized at the Salem Chapel - Independent on Powis Street in Woolwich, Kent.

  • Ebenezer Sims, born October 17th,1806
  • Henry Sims, born May 9th, 1810
  • James John Sims, born June 6th, 1813

Salem Chapel Baptism Records

James' occupation, in 1843, is listed as a builder. Sons Ebenezer and James John were both bricklayers and builders, so they followed in their father's footsteps.

James Sims died in 1851. We do not have a record of Jane Sims' death.