The Devon Brinsmeads decade by decade  



John Wesley Preaching: Stained Glass Window - 16532 Bytes

In 1738, John Wesley started the Methodist Church in England, after returning from three years spreading the gospel to the indigenous peoples in Georgia.

Mary survived the decade but Archilus Copp died in May of 1735 - the exact date is illegible. He was buried in St. Giles in the Wood.

Robert and Grace have another child, Margaret, christened on September 2, 1731. Presumably, they continued to live at Dodscott. Their eldest daughter Mary married John Copp at St. Giles in the Wood Church on March 30, 1739.

Henry Brinsmead whose first wife Elizabeth Vooden died in 1727, remarried, this time to Frances Clarke on December 10, 1733. Their first child Francis was born in 1734, followed by Henry, born 1736 and Mary born 1737. We have no original transcription for any of these births. 

The two couples, Robert and Grace and Henry and Francis, yield the first division in the Devon Brinsmead's family tree.

At the end of the decade, the family groupings were, as far as we know:

Mary Copp

  • Christian (aged 47)

Robert and Grace's line

Robert (aged 44) and Grace (aged 39)

  • Henry (aged 20)
  • Grace (aged 17)
  • Robert (aged 13)
  • Margaret (aged 7)

Mary (aged 21) and John Copp 

Henry and Francis' line

Henry (aged 42) and Francis (Clarke)

  • Francis (age 6)
  • Henry (age 4)
  • Mary (age 3)

In 1735, a village resident, Charles Beere died and left in his will, two annual gifts to the poor of the parish. He charged two properties, Higher Hill (a house on the rise just south of the village) and Lower Hill each for 20s. per year, to be distributed to the poor - "labouring men or such persons as should have no relief" - each Christmas and Easter. 




In America, George Washington was born in 1732. Benjamin Franklin began publishing his "Poor Richard's Almanac".

Dick Tupin the highwayman, on his horse Black Bess, has a bounty of 100 placed on his head in 1737. He is hanged at York racecourse in 1739.


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