The Devon Brinsmeads decade by decade  



George II took the throne on the death of his father in 1727.

We know nothing of what happened to Mary and Archilus Copp during this decade although they were still alive.

Robert and Grace have additional children:

  • Henry, baptised Jan 15, 1720/21
  • Grace, baptised in 1723
  • Robert, baptised on August 26, 1727

They were all born in St. Giles in the Wood so we presume they continued to live near the village, probably at Dodscott.

Robert's younger brother Henry Brinsmead married Elizabeth Vooden on October 3, 1726. Elizabeth died the next year, before they had children.

We have no information about where Robert and Grace's family lived during this period, although it is probable that at least some of them stayed at Dodscott.

At the end of the decade, the family groupings were, as far as we know:

Mary and Archillus Copp

  • Christian (aged 37)

Robert (aged 34) and Grace (aged 29)

  • Mary (aged 11)
  • Henry (aged 10)
  • Grace (aged 7)
  • Robert (aged 3)

Henry (widower, aged 32)

Robert Walpole is counted as Britain's first Prime Minister. He became first lord of the Treasury and chancellor of the Exchequer in April 1721, offices that he was to hold until 1742. In 1730 he took on additional powers that made him Prime Minister in all but name.

Isaac Newton's famous discovery of gravity is said to have occurred in 1726 with an apple falling from a tree.


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