The Devon Brinsmeads decade by decade  



The Hanoverian, George I took over the throne in 1714, in accordance with the rules in the 1701 Act of Settlement. 

In 1717, eldest daughter Christian appears to have married John Vodden at the church in nearby Bideford. John is listed as John Yodden, but, in North Devon dialect, the two sound very similar. Christian is listed as Christan Barinsmate, but is shown as being of St. Giles village. No such name existed in St. Giles in the wood at the time, and it is almost certainly Christian or Christan Brinsmead.  

Christian Brinsmead and John Vodden marriage

The only other major event we know of in this decade is the marriage, in October, 1719 of Robert Brinsmead to Grace Vodden in St. Giles in the Wood. They had their first child Mary a little earlier since she was baptized March 17, 1718/19.

By the end of the decade, Robert, now aged 24 is married to Grace and they have the one child, Mary. Henry, now 22 is still single. Christian is married to John Vodden.

Elsewhere in the Village, in 1710 Robert Lovett, Esq. gave 30 for binding out apprentices to the handicraft trades. 




The War of Spanish Succession ("Queen Anne's War") lasted from 1702-1713, when it ended with the peace of Utrecht. 

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