The Devon Brinsmeads decade by decade  



Anne, the second daughter of James II and an Anglican, assumed  the throne in 1702. She proved to be the last of the Stuarts since she produced no surviving heir. 
The new century started rather poorly for the Brinsmeads of St. Giles in the Wood. Henry Brinsmead died in 1700, leaving Mary Brinsmead (nee Sims), his widow, with three young children - Christian, born in 1693, Robert, born in 1696, and Henry born in 1698. Henry and Mary had married ten years earlier.

Henry left a will, probated in the Barnstable Archdeaconry in 1701 but we have been unable to obtain a copy. It appears to have been one of the Devon wills destroyed in Exeter by bombing in WW2.

While we have no direct record of this, we presume the family lived at Dodscott, just east of the St. Giles village.

Two years later, on December 10th, 1702, Mary Brinsmead remarried, this time to Archelus Copp. There is no record of their having additional children. So, at the end of the decade it appears that Mary Copp is about 44, and she has three children, Christian, age 17, Robert, aged 14 and Henry, aged 12.

Elsewhere in the village, Sir John Rolle died in 1706. By the time of his death, when his estate passed to his grandson John Rolle, he owned 45 Manors in Devon and Cornwall. His land holdings included almost all of St. Giles in the Wood, although not the Brinsmead property at Dodscott. 





Treaty of Union is presented to Queen Anne

In 1707, the Act of Union unites Scotland and England. The picture shows the Treaty of Union being presented to Queen Anne.

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