Transcription of the 1901 Census

These records have been transcribed from all the Brinsmead entries revealed by the on-line 1901 Census. We have photocopies of the originals if anyone wants further information.

22 Palmerstone Road, St Helens, Ipswich
Mary A. Brinsmead Widow 77 Wolverstone, Suffolk Living on own means
Fanny Burrows Single 23 Ipswich, Suffolk General Servant Domestic
42 Stanley Gardens, Hampstead, St. Peter
Horace G. Brinsmead Male Married 46 London, Marylebone Pianoforte Manufacturer Manager
Alice M. Wife Married 38 Kent, Lewisham  
Annie E.  Daur 14 Queensland, Australia  
Maximillian Son 11 New South Wales, Australia  
Cecil H. Son 7 New South Wales, Australia  
Noel J. Son 5 New South Wales, Australia  
Eric S. Son 4 London, Blackheath  
Anna J. Doily Single 22 Woodbridge, Suffolk, Cook, Domestic
Georgina M. Menngel Single 14 London, Marylebone Nurse, Domestic
19 Eton Villas, London, Hampstead, St. Saviour
Herbert J. Brinsmead Male Married 29 London Pianoforte Manufacturer Manager
Winifred Wife Married 26 Kent, Lewisham  
Eva  Daur 1 London, Hampstead  
Nancy Dewhurst Single 37 London, Poplar Servant Domestic
Edith S. James Single 17 Harefield, Middlesex Servant Domestic
37 Queen's Crescent, London, St. Pancras, St. Andrew
Edward G. Brinsmead Male, Married 32 London, Marylebone Piano Manufacturer, Own Account
Agnes J. Female, Wife, Married 31 London, St. Pancras  
Stanley Male, Son 8 London, St. Pancras  
Albert E. Male, Son 6 London, St. Pancras  
Florence Female, Daughter 5 London, St. Pancras  
William I. Male, Son 1 London, St. Pancras  
Violet Sister, Single 17 London, St. Pancras  
Rhoda L. Hancock Female, Married, Visitor 25 Gloucester  
Rhoda C. Hancock Female, Visitor 1 Alderney, Channel Islands  
16 Fellows Road, London, Hampstead, St. Saviours
Edgar W. Brinsmead Male, Married 53 London Piano Manufacturer, Employer
Annie Female, Wife 44 Accrington, Lancashire  
Edgar J. Male, Son, Single 21 London Poultry Farmer, Pupil
Lydia Female, Daughter, Single 21 London  
Horace Male, Son, Single 18 London Clarkshipping
Florence Female, Daughter, Single 16 London  
Cecile Mc Bailey Female, Sister-in-law, Single 24 London Governess
Milicent M Meuler Female, Visitor, Single 21 Croydon, Surrey  
Gertrude Galley Female, Single 23 Harborough, Norfolk Housemaid
Alice L. Chirissery Female, Single 27 London Cook
19 Needington Road, London, St. Pancras, St. Andrew
Thomas E. Brinsmead Male, Married 60 Bideford, Devon Pianoforte Part Maker, Worker
Mary A. Female, Wife 54 Hook, Hants  
Caroline Female, Daughter, Single 30 Bloomsbury, London Artificial Tooth Maker
Victor Male, Son 14 Kentish Town, London Errand Boy
Mable Female, Daughter 10 Kentish Town, London  
Annie Daughter-in-law, Female, Married 25 Dormanland, Surry Domestic Servant
Frank Grandson 4 St. Pancras, London  
Beatrice A. Granddaughter 3 St. Pancras, London  
7 Fellows Road, London, Hampstead, St. Saviours
Thomas J. Brinsmead Male, Married 56 St. Pancras, London Retired Pianoforte Manufacturer
Elizabeth Female, Wife 54    
Winifred Female, Daughter, Single 21 St. Pancras, London  
Mable F. Fons Female, Visitor, Single 23 Hookham  
Annie Fraul Female, Single 27 London Domestic Servant
Elizabeth Beaumont Female, Single 20 London Domestic Servant
37 Henry Street, London, Clerkenwell, St. James, Pentonville
Elizabeth Burness Married, wife 51 Wellton, Northants  
Elizabeth M. Brinsmead Daughter, Widow 25 Islington, London Button-hole hand shirt worker
Edward Harphan Male, Son, Single 20 Islington, London General Porter
George Harphan Male, Son, Single 16 Islington, London Van Guard
23 Needington Road, London, St. Pancras, St. Andrews
Sid M.  Brinsmead Male, Married 29 St. Pancras, London Pianoforte Case Maker
Annie E. Wife, Married 28 Oxford St. West, London  
Dora A. Daughter 8 St. Pancras, London  
Frances A. Daughter 3 St. Pancras, London  
Walter B. Son 1 St. Pancras, London  
Henry Barrett Male, Widower, Boarder 58 Gloucestershire N.K. French Polisher
16 Albert Road, London, St. Pancras, St. Marks
John Brinsmead Male, Married 86 Weare Giffard, Devon Pianoforte Manufacturer, Employer
Susan Female, Wife 86 Paddington, London  
Emily Female, Daughter, Single 50 St. Pancras, London  
Sydney Male, Son, Single 46 St. Pancras, London Pianoforte Tuner
Anne Burrows Female, Single 51 Norfolk Cook, Servant
Louise Mosley Female, Single 22 St. Pancras, London Housemaid
11 Dalby Street, London, St. Pancras, St. Martin
Alfred E. Brinsmead Male, Married 24 Kentish Town, London Cabinet Maker
Florence E. Female, Wife 25 Mayfair, London  
Lillian F. Daughter 2 Kentish Town, London  
Ernest W. Son 1 Kentish Town, London  
3 Queen Street, Salisbury, Wells, St. Thomas
Thomas Brinsmead Male, Married 50 London Musical Instrument Dealer
Louise Female, Wife 50 Exeter, Devon  
Maude Female, Daughter, Single 21 Cheswell, London  
Ellen Dredgr Female, Single 17 Salisbury, Wells General Domestic Servant
364 New Chester Road, Birkenhead, Chester, Rock Ferry, St. Peter
Mark Middleditch Male, Married 52 Liverpool, Lancashire General Labourer
Elizabeth Middleditch Female, Wife 57 Liverpool, Lancashire Chandler, Shopkeeper, at home, own account
Elizabeth Brinsmead Mother-in-law, Widow 87 Liverpool, Lancashire
Mary Brinsmead Niece, Single 22 Liverpool, Lancashire Chandler's shop assistant
11 Godfrey Road, Newport, Monmouth, St. Marks
S. Brinsmead Female, Single 55 Newport, Monmouth Living on own means
Devon - Believed to be Dartmoor Prison
John Scott Brinsmead Male, Single 39 Rochester, Kent Convict - living on own means
Burns Green, Great Totham, Essex, St. Peters
Sarah Agatha Crumpton Female, Widow 69 Heathersfield, Essex Living on own means
Alice E. Crumpton Female, Daughter, Single 37 Great Totham, Essex Authoress
Arthur Roberts Male 6 Not Known Boarder
John Brinsmead Male 4 Not Known Boarder
24 South Villas, London, St. Pancras, St. Pauls
Susan Jones Female, Widow 61 Weare Giffard, Devon Lodging House Keeper
Adolph Haller Male, Single 19 Germany Correspondent
Mal Huber Male, Single 21 Germany Correspondent
Albert Gathercole Male, Single 25 Cambridge French Polisher
Thomas W. Brinsmead Male, Single 22 St. Pancras, London Musical Instrument Tuner
Waller Goddard Male, Single 23 Outerbridge, Sheffield Pianoforte Tuner
Edith L. Westcott Female, Single 24 Beaford, Devon School Mistress
4 St. George's Road, London, St. Pancras, St. Mark's
Frank H. Brinsmead Male, Married 26 Bloomsbury, London Bread Baker
Fanny N. Female, Wife 24 Brighton, Sussex  
Hounslow Barracks, Brentford
Frederick William Brinsmead Male, Single 21 St. Pancras, London Soldier, Private Vols.


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