Transcription of the 1891 Census

These records have been transcribed from all the Brinsmead  entries revealed by the on-line 1891 Census. We have photocopies of the originals if anyone wants further information.

127 Fore Street, Ipswich, St. Clements
Mary Anne Brinsmead Female, Widow 67 Wolverstone, Suffolk Living on own means
Caroline Gooding Single, Boarder 71 Ipswich, Suffolk Living on own means
Susan A. White Widow, Boarder 68 Yoford, Suffolk Living on own means
Alice Bottle Single 22 Holbrook, Suffolk General Servant Domestic
61 Warrior Square, Hasting, St. Mary Magdallene
Henry Smith Male, Married 65 Gayton, Norfolk Boarding House Keeper
Georgina Smith Wife, Married 49 Tewkbury, Gloustershire  
Gustav Libottom Male, Visitor, Married 49 Brussels, Belgium, British Subject Professor of Music
Henry Mardelle Male, Visitor, Single 41 Sacome, Herefordshire Warehouseman
John Brinsmead Visitor, Married 76 Devon, Weare Gifford Pianoforte Manufacturer
Thomas Jas. Brinsmead Visitor, Married 46 London, St. Pancras Pianoforte Manufacturer
Elizabeth Brinsmead Visitor, Married 44 London, St. Pancras  
Herbert J. Brinsmead Male, Single 19 London, St. Pancras Apprentice toPianoforte Manufacturer
Reginald Brinsmead Male, Single 16 London, St. Pancras Scholar
Elsie Brinsmead Female, Single 13 London, Hampstead Scholar
Winnifred Brinsmead Female, Single 11 London, Hampstead Scholar
Walter B. Billinghurst Male, Single 14 Blackheath, Kent Scholar
Ernest Goddard Male, Single 23 London, Hampstead Engineer
Mary Goddard Female, Single 31 London, St. Pancras Independant
8 Eton Road, Hampstead St. Saviours, London
Edgar W. Brinsmead Male, Married 43 15 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London Piano Manufacturer or Maker
Annie Brinsmead Female, Wife 35 Accrington, Lancashire
Edgar J. Brinsmead Male, Son, Single 11 29 Adelaide Road, Hampstead  
Lydia Brinsmead Female, Daughter, Single 10 29 Adelaide Road, Hampstead  
Howard Brinsmead Male, Son, Single 9 29 Adelaide Road, Hampstead  
Florence Brinsmead Female, Daughter, Single 6 29 Adelaide Road, Hampstead  
Anna M Paseman Female, Servant, Single 21 Bradley, Cambridge Cook
Alice E. Edwards Female, Servant,  Single 27 Reigate, Surrey Housemaid
19 Needington Road, London, St. Pancras, St. Andrew
Thomas E. Brinsmead Male, Married 49 Bideford, North Devon Pianoforte Maker
Mary A. Brinsmead Female, Wife 46 Winchfield, Hants  
Edward G.S.Brinsmead Male, Married 22 London, Hampstead Pianoforte Maker
Caroline Brinsmead Female, Daughter, Single 20 Bloomsbury, London Artificial Tooth Maker
Sidney W. Brinsmead Son, Single 19 Bloomsbury, London Pianoforte Maker
Frank H. Brinsmead Son, Single 17 Bloomsbury, London Fishmonger & Poulterer
Thomas H. Brinsmead Son, Single 16 Kentish Town, London Pianoforte Maker
Alfred C. Brinsmead Son, Single 14 Kentish Town, London
Cecil J.  Brinsmead Son, Single 12 Kentish Town, London  
Frederick W. Brinsmead Son, Single 10 Kentish Town, London  
Violet Brinsmead Female, daughter 7 Kentish Town, London  
Victor Brinsmead Male, Son 4 Kentish Town, London  
Mable Brinsmead Female, Daughter 8 mon. Kentish Town, London  
Agnes J. Brinsmead Daughter-in-law, Female, Married 21 Kentish Town, London  
102 Rositer Road, Streatham, St. Mary Balham
William C. Fullicks Married, 38 Bridgewater, Somerset Bank Clerk
Maude Fullickss Daughter 12 Lime House, London Scholar
Ann Fullicks Daughter 9 Bromley, Kent Scholar
Mary Ann Brinsmead Mother-in-law, widow 73 Stepney, London Living on own meansVan Guard
Cecilia C. Benson Single 25 Pimlico, London  Domestic General Servant
17 Albert Road, London, St. Pancras, St. Marks
Susan Brinsmead Female, Wife 76 London  
Emily Brinsmead Female, Daughter, Single 39 London  
Sydney Brinsmead Male, Son, Single 39 London Pianoforte Tuner
Maria Tennison Female, Single 36 London Cook, Servant
Ada Oberitt Female, Single 19 London Housemaid
6 South Road, Erith, Kent
Susannah Philp Widow 75 Alford, Lincolnshire Living on her own means
Henry Seymour Nephew, Single 19 London Ironmongers' Assistant
Fanny Louisa Dodds Niece 23 London Lady's Companion
Herbert Bryant Visitor 10 France, British Subject Scholar
Lydia Brinsmead Visitor 10 London Scholar
60 Collier Street, Clerkenwell, London
Henry Brinsmead Lodger 23 St. Pancras, London Piano Maker (jobbing)
Workhouse, St. Mary the More, Wallingford, Berkshire
Henry Brinsmead Vagrant,Inmate, single 26 Liverpool, Lancashire General Labourer
170 Edgar Road, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent
Horace Brinsmead Student 8 London  
2 Queen Street, Salisbury, Wells, St. Thomas
Thomas Brinsmead Male, Married 40 London Musical Seller
Louise M. Brinsmead Female, Wife 40 Exeter, Devon  
Thomas W. Brinsmead Son, Single 12 London, Middlesex Scholar
Maude E. Brinsmead Female, Daughter, Single 11 London, Middlesex Scholar
Beatrix L. Brinsmead Female, Daughter, Single 9 London, Middlesex Scholar
Fanny Arthur Female, Single 24 Dean, Wilts General Domestic Servant
38 Old Chester Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead, Chester, St. Luke
Elizabeth Brinsmead Widow 77 Liverpool, Lancashire Living on her own means
Thomas Brinsmead Son, Married 42 Liverpool, Lancashire Ship Labourer
Elizabeth Wallace Daughter, Widow 41 Liverpool, Lancashire Professional Nurse
Mary Brinsmead Granddaughter 12 Liverpool, Lancashire Scholar
210 Carleton Road, Christchurch, Newport, Monmouth, St. John's
Sophia Brinsmead Female, Single 39 London Living on her own means
Eliza E. Janesone Lodger, Single 72 Devonport, Devon Living on her own means
12 Wyndham Road, Canton, Cardiff, Wales,
Thomas H. McKay Married 31 Bristol Engine Fitter
Amy MacKay Wife 35 Bristol  
Ella Down Lodger, Single 55 Devon, Bideford  
Elizabeth Brinsmead Visitor, Single 56 Devon, Exeter  
82 East Bank Road, Sheffield
William Allen Male 49 Sheffield, Yorkshire Steel Works Manager
Jane Wife 52 Sheffield, Yorkshire  
Kate Brinsmead Single 16 Doncaster, Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Brixton Orphanage, Lambeth, London
Ella Brinsmead   17 St. Pancras, London Inmate
185 Petre Street, Brighton Birls, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Fred Walker Head, married 41 Wates, Yorkshire Butcher
Catherine Walker Wife 42 Wates, Yorkshire  
George Marshall Walker Son 10 Sheffield, Yorkshire  
Annie Walker Daughter 8 Sheffield, Yorkshire  
Kate Walker Daughter 6 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Henry Walker Son 3 Sheffield, Yorkshire  
Elsie Walker Daughter 2 Sheffield, Yorkshire  
Mary Brinsmead Servant 21 Doncaster, Yorkshire Domestic Servant


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