Transcription of the 1881 Census

These records have been transcribed from all the Brinsmead entries revealed by the 1881 Census. We have photocopies of many of the originals if anyone wants further information.

St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood, Devon
Thomas Brinsmead Male Married 76 St. Giles in the Wood Retired Civil Engineer
Emily Brinsmead Wife Married 77 St. Giles in the Wood  
Rachel Williams Female Widow Daughter 43 St. Giles in the Wood  
Fanny Stockham Female, Married, Visitor, Daughter 35 St. Giles in the Wood  
Florence M. Brinsmead Visitor, Granddaughter 3 Exeter, Devon,  
New Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Edwin Rudd Male, Married 62 Nymet Praey, Devon, England Glove Manufacturer Employs 9 Indoors & 110 Outside
Anne Rudd Female, Wife, Married 49 Torrington, Devon  
Edwin E. Rudd Male, Son, Unmarried 18 Torrington, Devon Bank Clerk
Birtie Rudd Male, Son 17 Torrington, Devon  
Lucy Bright Female, Unmarried 27 St. Giles, Devon Domestic Servant
Alice Brinsmead Female, Widow, Mother 88 Beaford, Devon  
29 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, London
Edgar W. Brinsmead Male, Married 33 Middlesex, London Piano Manufacturer or Maker
Annie Brinsmead Female, Wife 24 Accrington, Lancashire  
Edgar J. Brinsmead Son 18mth Middlesex, London  
Lydia Brinsmead Daughter 9 mth Middlesex, London  
Louise Spraborough Servant, Single 23 Ickreham, Kent Domestic Servant
Sarah Little Servant,  Single 18 Middlesex, London Nurse
36 Ashdown Street, St. Pancras, London
Thomas Brinsmead Male, Married 38 Bideford, Devon Pianoforte Maker
Mary Ann Female, Wife 36 Hook, Hampshire  
Edmond G. Son, Single 12 St. Pancras, Middlesex Scholar
Caroline Daughter, Single 10 St. Pancras, Middlesex Scholar
Sidney W. Son, Single 9 St. Pancras, Middlesex Scholar
Frank E. Son, Single 8 St. Pancras, Middlesex Scholar
Thomas H. Son, Single 6 St. Pancras, Middlesex Scholar
Alfred E. Son, Single 4 St. Pancras, Middlesex Scholar
Charles J. Son, Single 2 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Frederick W. Son, Single 0 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
19 Eton Villas, Hampstead, London
Hy J. Brinsmead Male, Married 36 London, Middlesex Manufacturer and Merchant
Elizabeth Brinsmead Female, Wife 34 London, Middlesex  
Herbert J. Brinsmead Son, Single 9 London, Middlesex
Reginald Brinsmead Son, single 5 Hampstead, Middlesex  
Eloin Brinsmead Son, single 3 Hampstead, Middlesex  
Winifred Brinsmead Daughter, Single 1 Hampstead, Middlesex  
Emma Lavender Servant, Single 20 Eastgate, Middlesex General Servant, Domestic
Mary A. Bird Servant, Single 19 Romford, Essex Nurse
St Clements, 127 Fore Street, "Sorrel Horse" Ipswich, Suffolk
Henry Brinsmead Head, married 66 Giles, Devon Mechanical Engineer, Retired
Mary A. Brinsmead Wife 57 Wolverstone, Suffolk  
Hannah Dale Female, unmarried 19 Tattingstone, Suffolk General Servant
13 Anderson St., Everton, Lancashire
Elizabeth Brinsmead Head, widow 67 Liverpool, Lancashire  
Edward Randal Son, single 43 Liverpool, Lancashire Master Mariner
Elizabeth Wallace Daughter, married 30 Liverpool, Lancashire  
George Ware Grand son, single 7 Liverpool, Lancashire  
16 Albert Road, London, St. Pancras, St. Marks
John Brinsmead Male, Married 65 Gifford, Devon Pianoforte Manufacturer
Susan Brinsmead Female, Wife 66 London, Middlesex  
Emily Brinsmead Daughter, Single 30 London, Middlesex  
Sidney Brinsmead Male, Son, Single 28 London, Middlesex Pianoforte Tuner
Emma Bell Servant, Single 22 Northgould, Norfolk Gen. Servant
Ann Merryweather Servant, Single 31 Hampshire Gen. Servant
50 Sloane Street, Chelsea, London, Middlesex
Charles H. Hall Male, Married 24 Wilsham, Berkshire Artist Watercolour
Sarah Hall Wife 25 Mayfair, London Milliner and Dressmaker
Alice Brinsmead Assistant, single 19 Exeter, Devon Dressmaker's Asssitant
4 Clarence Place, Christchurch, Monmouthshire
William Brinsmead Head, married 73 Wear Giffard, Devon Manager of Ropery
Susan Brinsmead Wife 72 Exeter, Devon  
Elizabeth Brinsmead Daughter, single 50 Exeter, Devon  
Sophia Brinsmead Daughter, Single 36 London, Middlesex  
Ada Villa, Holdenhurst, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Henry Brinsmead Head, married 69 Wear Gifford, Devon Pianoforte Maker
Mary Brinsmead Wife, married 65 Eckington, Worcestershire  
Henry Brinsmead Grand son 13 London, St. Pancras Scholar
John C. Brinsmead Grand son 4 London, Middlesex Scholar
Ella Brinsmead Grand daughter 7 Hornsey, Middlesex Scholar
Sarah M. Winter Servant, widow 47 Camberwell, London General Servant
Richard Gardener Lodger, widower 59 Ryde, Isle of White, Hampshire Retired Wine Merchant
6 Oxford Road South, Chiswick, Brentwood, London
Thomas Brinsmead Head, married 29 Newport Piano Manufacturer
Louise M. Brinsmead Wife 30 Exeter, Devon  
Thomas W. Brinsmead Son 2 Middlesex, St Pancras  
Elizabeth M. Brinsmead Daughter 1 Middlesex, Gunnersbury  
Elizabeth Merchant Sister, unmarried 48 Exeter, Devon Annuitant
Louise Rzall Servant, unmarried   Middlesex, London General
Barnaby Dun, Barnaby on Dun, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Dennis R. Pearson Head, Married 40 Barnaby Don Farmer Employing Three Men
Mary A. Pearson Wife 30 Crowley, Lincoln  
Thomas Dawson Male, unmarried 20 Brinsthorpe, Yorkshire Farm Servant
John Awkland Male, unmarried 13 Bentley, Yorkshire Farm Servant
Mary Brinsmead Female 12 Doncaster, Yorkshire General Servant


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