Transcription of the 1861 Census

These records have been transcribed from all the Brinsmead entries revealed by the 1861 Census. We have photocopies of most of the originals if anyone wants further information.

12 Rathbone Place, London
Henry Brinsmead Male Married 48 Weare Giffard, Devon Pianoforte Maker
Mary Anne Gladstains or Hawker Wife 44 Kent, Lewisham  
William Son, unmarried 21 Middlesex, London Pianoforte Maker
Alice Mary Daughter 1 Middlesex, London  
Rebecca Coats Servant, unmarried 27 Freston, Suffolk General Servant
4 St. David Hill, St. Davids, Exeter, Devon
Hugh Brinsmead Head, widower 72 Past Work St. Giles, North Devon
Susan Brinsmead Daughter, married 34 St. Davids, Exeter Greengrocer
Mill Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Robert Brinsmead Head, Married 69 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Merchant Clerk
Alice Brinsmead Wife 70 Kingsnympton, Devon Merchant Clerk's Wife
10 George Street, St. George and St. John, Exeter, Devon
Hugh Brinsmead Head, married 29 Exeter, Devon Master Tailor employing 2 boys
Caroline Brinsmead Wife 26 Oakhampton, Devon  
Mary J. Brockington Servant, unmarried 13 Woodbury, Devon House Servant
Honestone Lane, Bideford, Devon
Mary Brinsmead Head, widow 46 Wear Gifford, Devon Dealer and Glover
Victstone, Buckland Brewer, Devon
Raymond Seldon Head, married 42 Buckland Brewer, Devon Farmer of 250 acres employing 6 labourers and one boy
Susanna Seldon Wife 42 Great Torrington, Devon Farmer's Wife
Elizabeth Seldon Daughter, unmarried 18 Great Torrington, Devon Farmer's Daughter
John Seldon Son, unmarried 16 Buckland Brewer, Devon Farmer's Son
Sarah Ann Seldon Daughter, unmarried 14 Buckland Brewer, Devon Scholar
Catherine Seldon Daughter 16 Buckland Brewer, Devon Scholar
Mary Ann Seldon Daughter 4 Buckland Brewer, Devon Scholar
William Seldon Father, married 4 mnth Buckland Brewer, Devon Formerly Farmer
Sarah Seldon Mother, married 62 Fremington, Devon Formerly Farmer's Wife
William Seldon Brother, unmarried 38 Buckland Brewer, Devon Invalid
Mary Brinsmead Mother-in-law, widow 80 Somerset, N.K. Formerly Farmer's wife
Thomas Brook Unmarried 17 Buckland Brewer, Devon Carter
Thomas Piper Unmarried 16 Kilkhampton, Cornwall Carter
William Redeleft Unmarried 16 Buckland Brewer, Devon Carter
John Harris   9 Buckland Brewer, Devon Cow Boy
Ebberley Farm, Furze Hill, Roborough, Devon
Elizabeth Allen Head, widow 58 Lapford, Devon Farmer of 100 acres Employing 1 labour and 2 boys
William Pembridge Brother, unmarried 40 Lapford, Devon Retired Merchant
John Allen Son, unmarried 34 High Bickington, Devon None
Frances Weber Daughter, unmarried 30 High Bickington, Devon Draper's wife
Esther Brinsmead Daughter, widow 28 High Bickington, Devon Retired Farmer's Wife
Ellen R. Allen Daughter, unmarried 22 High Bickington, Devon Farmer's Daughter
Mary Whitlock Granddaughter 5 Roborough, Devon Farmer's Daughter
Jonas Weber Grandson 1 North Tawton, Devon Draper's Son
William Allen Stepson, unmarried 42 High Bickington, Devon Farm Assistant
Jane Squire Servant, unmarried 19 Roborough, Devon House Servant
John Newcombe Servant 15 Roborough, Devon Farm Servant
James Baker Servant 11 Beaford, Devon Farm Servant
15 Charlotte Street, St Pancras, London
Robert Brinsmead [John] Male, Married 45 Devon Pianoforte Manufacturer, employs 35 men and 8 boys
Susan Female, Wife 45 London, Middlesex  
John Brinsmead Son, unmarried 19 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Rose A. Brinsmead   18 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Thomas J. Brinsmead   16 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Laura A. Brinsmead   15 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Edgar W. Brinsmead   13 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Horace Brinsmead   6 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Susan Brown Widow 76 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Ann Reed Female, Single 23 St. Pancras, Middlesex Servant
2 St. Ann's Place, Limehouse, London, Middlesex
Thomas Brinsmead Head, married 45 Exeter, Devon Newsvendor, Stationery
Mary A. Brinsmead Wife 45 Mile End, Middlesex  
Kate Brinsmead Daughter 13 Limehouse, Middlesex  
Caroline Linder Niece, unmarried 20 Poplar, Middlesex Cup Maker
Dorset Place, Christchurch, Newport, Monmouthshire
William Brinsmead Head, married 53 Gifford, Devon Foreman to Rope Works
Susan Brinsmead Wife 53 Exeter, Devon  
Elizabeth Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 29 Exeter, Devon  
Sophia Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 16 London  
Louisa Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 13 London  
Thomas Brinsmead Son, unmarried 10 London  
12 North Shore, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth Brinsmead Head, widow 45 Liverpool  
Edward Randel Son, unmarried 23 Liverpool Mariner
Thomas Brinsmead Son 13 Liverpool Scholar
Elizabeth Brinsmead Daughter 11 Liverpool Scholar
James H. Clark Lodger, unmarried 57 Nottinghamshire Night Watchman
8 Kingsland Place, Hackney, London
Fanny A. Warham Head, unmarried 40 Chichester, Sussex Governess
Mary E. Brinsmead Female 10 Limbury, Middlesex Pupil
14 Russell Place, St. Pancras, London
Edward W. Holman Head, married 41 Abbotsham, Devon Pianoforte Manufacturer
Jane Holman Wife 37 Wear Gifford, Devon  
Elizabeth Holman Daughter, unmarried 15 London St. Pancras  
Caroline Holman Daughter 10 London St. Pancras  
Edward Holman Son, unmarried 9 London St. Pancras  
Annie Holman Daughter 9 mths London St. Pancras  
Thomas Brinsmead Nephew 21 Bideford, Devon Pianoforte Maker
Cecila Fivart Friend, unmarried 31 London, Middlesex Professional
Annie Meed Friend, unmarried 29 Sheerness, Kent No occupation
Julia Cockland Servant, Widow 50 Cork, Ireland Servant
Mary A. Spain Lodger, unmarried 27 Hampstead, Middlesex Dressmaker
Higher House, Kingscott Hamlet, St Giles in the Wood, Devon
John Hookway Head, married 55 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Farmer 93 acres employing 1 labourer
Fanny Hookway Wife 57 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Farmer's wife
Ann Hookway Daughter, unmarried 26 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Farmer's daughter
Fanny Hookway Daughter, unmarried 24 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Farmer's daughter
John Hookway Son, unmarried 22 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Butcher
William Hookway Son, unmarried 20 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Farmer's son
Robert Hookway Son, unmarried 18 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Farmer's son
Henry Hookway Son 16 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Farmer's son
Thomas Hookway Son 14 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Farmer's son
Charles Hookway Son 12 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Scholar
Margery Brinsmead Mother in law, widow 76 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Machine Maker's widow
Thomas Scott Servant 15 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon General Servant
St Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood, Devon
Thomas Brinsmead Head, married 56 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Machinist and Farmer employing 2 labourers and 3 boys
Emily Brinsmead Wife 57 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon  
Henry Brinsmead Son, unmarried 21 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Machinist
Fanny Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 18 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon  
Thomas Brinsmead Son 16 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Scholar
(illegible) Gordon Boarder 20 Appledore, Devon Machinist apprentice
Charles Wright Boarder 19 Merton, Devon Machinist Apprentice
Mary Friend Servant 20 Beaford, Devon General Servant


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