Transcription of the 1851 Census

These records have been transcribed from all the Brinsmead entries revealed by the 1851 Census. We have photocopies of the originals if anyone wants further information.

Canal House, Mill Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Robert Brinsmead Male, Married 56 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Merchant's Clerk
Alice Brinsmead Wife, Married 57 Kings Nympton, Devon  
Edwin Rudd Son-in-law 36 Bow, Devon Accountant
New Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Mary Brinsmead Widow 70 Street, Somerset Annuitant
Mary Ann Wilson Grand daughter 9 Great Torrington, Devon Scholar
New Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Ann Wills Head, Widow 72 Yarnscome, Devon Retired Grocer
Theresa Brinsmead Servant, unmarried 20 Fremington, Devon General Servant
New Bridge Farm Mills, Huish, Devon
John Ware Head, Marrried 29 St Giles, Devon Miller
Mary A. Ware Wife, Married 35 St Giles, Devon Miller's Wife
Eliza Ware Daughter 4 St Giles, Devon  
Francis Ware Son 2 St Giles, Devon  
Wilmot Ware Sister 14 St Giles, Devon Glover
Mary A. Brinsmead Daughter-in-law 14 St Giles, Devon  
Hugh Brinsmead Son-in-law 11 St Giles, Devon  
Robert Turner Father-in-law 67 St Giles, Devon Ag. Lab.
Mary Turner Mother-in-law 60 Kingsnympton, Devon  
John Turner Brother-in-law 24 St Giles, Devon Miller
William Friend Servant, Unmarried 23 Dolton, Devon Miller
Thomas Trace Servant, Unmarried 18 Petrostowe, Devon Miller
Robert Blake Lodger, Married 23 St Giles, Devon Miller
Thomas Rockey Lodger, Married 40 Black Torrington, Devon Milller
Elizabeth Rockey Lodger, Married 40 Putford, Devon Miller's Wife
Francis Hookway Lodger, Unmarried 16 K N. Devon Farm Servant
St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood
Thomas Brinsmead Male, Married 73 Alverdiscott, Devon Farmer of 32 acres employing one labourer
Margery Brinsmead Wife, Married 67 St. Giles, Devon  
John Brinsmead Son, unmarried 26 St. Giles, Devon Maltser
Eliza Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 23 St. Giles, Devon  
Robert Blake Unmarried 19 St. Giles, Devon House servant
John Friendship Male 13 St. Giles, Devon House Servant
St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood
Henry Brinsmead Head 35 St. Giles, Devon Machine Maker employing 4 men
Grace Brinsmead Wife 44 St. Giles, Devon  
Thomas Friend Male, unmarried 28 Dalton, Devon  
John Fewing Male, unmarried 25 North Wotton, Devon    
St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood
Thomas Brinsmead Head, Married 47 Saint Giles, Devon Machine maker and Miller
Emily Brinsmead Wife, Married 47 Northam, Devon  
Rachel Brinsmead Daughter 16 Saint Giles, Devon  
Henry Brinsmead Son 11 Saint Giles, Devon Scholar
Fanny Brinsmead Daughter 8 Saint Giles, Devon Scholar
Thomas James Brinsmead Son 6 Saint Giles, Devon Scholar
John Clarke Visitor, Unmarried 21 Saint Giles, Devon Machine Maker
Edwin Folland Servant, Unmarried 21 Torrington, Devon Machine Maker
John Nance Kievill Apprentice, Unmarried 17 Langtree, Devon Machine Maker
Brinsmead Court, St. David's Hill, Exeter, Devon
Hugh Brinsmead Head, widower 62 St. Giles, Devon Formerly builder
Susan Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 24 Exeter, Devon Dressmaker
6 Queen Street, St. John's Southwark
Susan Brinsmead Head, married 42 Exeter, Devon Wife of Mariner
Elizabeth Brinsmead Daughter 20 Exeter, Devon  
Sophia Brinsmead Daughter 6 St. John, Surrey  
Louisa Brinsmead Daughter 3 St. John, Surrey  
Thomas Brinsmead Son 3 months St. John, Surrey  
2 St. Anne Place, Tower Hamlet, Middlesex
Thomas Brinsmead Head, married 34 Exeter, Devon Joiner
Mary Ann Brinsmead Wife 32 Mile End  
May Brinsmead Daughter l month Limehouse  
William Brinsmead Brother, unmarried 23 Exeter Joiner
Hugh Brinsmead Brother, unmarried 20 Exeter Taylor
Elizabeth Hamilton, Visitor, unmarried 23 Hackney, Middlesex  
Ann Stanley (illegible) 46 Deptford, Kent Nurse
46 Glouchester Square, Paddington, Marylebone, London
S.S. Brandan Head 70 Middlesex No occupation, Independent
Rachel Brandan Wife 71 Barbridge  
Ann Moore Unmarried 34 Kerry, Dorsetshire Servant
Ann Williams Unmarried 23 Pembroke, Wales Servant
E.L. Brinsmead Unmarried 28 Exeter Servant
George Ringrove Married 34 Cottesbrook, Northamptonshire Servant
3 Upper Grafton Street, London
Henry Brinsmead Male, Married 39 Torrington, Devon Pianoforte Maker
Charlotte Brinsmead Wife, Married 40 Torrington, Devon  
Henry S. Son 14 London,  
William Son 11 London,  
Mary Hoare Niece 17 Torrington, Devon  
Well Street, Great Torrington, Devon
John Lloyd Male, Married 57 Gt. Torrington, Devon Maltser and Innkeeper
Elizabeth Lloyd Wife, Married 47 Wear Gifford, Devon  
David H. Lloyd Son, unmarried 18 Gt. Torrington, Devon Pianoforte Maker (App.)
Susan Lloyd Daughter 11 Wear Gifford, Devon Scholar
Elizabeth Brinsmead Mother-in-law, Widow 70 Wear Gifford, Devon Land & House Proprietor
Caroline E. Way Niece 5 Compton Street, Soho Square, London, Middlesex Scholar
George Westcott Lodger, unmarried 26 Beaford, Devon Maltser (Journeyman)
North Devon Infirmary, Barnstable, Devon
William Brinsmead Male, Married 53 Torrington, Devon Patient, Ag. Lab.
Old Parsonage House, Beaford,  Devon
James Tanton Head 49 Beaford, Devon Ag. Lab.
Mary Tanton Daughter, Unmarried 20 Beaford, Devon Glover
Eliza Tanton Daughter, Unmarried 17 Beaford, Devon Glover
Rebecca Tanton Daughter 12 Beaford, Devon  
Elizabeth Ann Tanton Daughter 9 Beaford, Devon  
Betsy Brinsmead Sister-in-law 43 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Glover
Honestone Lane, Bideford, Devon
Mary Brinsmead Married, 35 Torrington, Devon Flour Dealer
Thomas Brinsmead Son 10 Bideford, Devon Scholar
15 Charlotte Street, St. Pancras, London
John Brinsmead Male, Married 36 North Devon Pianoforte Manufacturer, Employer
Susan Brinsmead Female, Wife 36 London  
John Brinsmead Son 9 London Scholar
Rosa Ann Brinsmead Daughter 8 London Scholar
Thomas J. Brinsmead Son 6 London Scholar
Laura E. Brinsmead Daughter 4 London  
Edgar W. Brinsmead Son 3 London
Emily Brinsmead Daughter 1 London  
Ann Bryant Servant 19 Devon  


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