The Devon Brinsmeads decade by decade  



The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 established British naval superiority for over a hundred years. Napoleon was intent on crossing the English channel and capturing England. The minor impediment to this plan was the English navy that guarded the channel. The French navy under admiral Villeneuve developed a complicated plan to lure enough of the British fleet away from England to allow him a decisive victory. His plans however, failed to work out and eventually he found himself and his combined French and Spanish fleet in Cadiz, with Nelson awaiting off shore. Villeneuve facing imminent dismissal on the part of Napoleon decided to weigh anchor and fight Nelsons fleet.
The Allied fleet of French and Spanish ships outnumbered and outgunned Nelson ships. However, Nelson's innovative tactics and aggressiveness combined with superior British gunnery and ship handling insured a decisive British victory.

Esther Squire

  • William Brinsmead

Robert and Grace's line

This branch of the family in 1810 looked like this:

Henry (age 90) and Ann

  • Mary (age 57)
  • Elizabeth (age 53)
  • Ann (age 51)
  • Robert (age 44)

Robert (widower, age 83) (renting the "town tenement" farm from Dennis Rolle Esq.)

Mary (age 50) and William Hookway

John (age 45) and Mary (nee Blackmore) John rents Late Allfords Farm from Lord Rolle throughout the decade.

  • Grace (age 24,daughter of John and Grace Judd)
  • Mary (age 13)
  • Rebecca (age 11)
  • Ann (age 9)
  • Elizabeth (age 3)

Margaret (age 77)

Henry and Francis' line

Thomas and Susannah have ...


This side of the family in 1810 looked like this:

Richard Budd (widower, spouse of Francis)

  • Mary Budd (age 39)

 Henry (widower, age 64)

John Puddicombe (age 42) and Mary (age 34)

  • John (age 14)

Thomas (age 70) and Susannah (age 56) living at Clarke’s Dodscott farm

  • Henry (age 37)
  • Thomas (age 33)
  • Robert (age 30)
  • William (age 26)
  • Hugh (age 22)

Henry and Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Beer (age 6)
  • Thomas
  • William
  • Susannah

Thomas and Margery

  • Susannah
  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Betsy
  • Henry




Ludwig van Beethoven composes his famous Fifth Symphony in 1808.

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