The Devon Brinsmeads decade by decade  



George III was crowned King in 1760. He was the grandson of George II, Frederick the Prince of Wales having predeceased his father in 1751. 

In 1760, Robert and Jane Brinsmead of Huntshaw lost their young son John, but soon after had a daughter Mary. John was buried in Huntshaw on June 14, 1760. Mary was baptized at St. Giles on December 29, 1760. In 1765, still in Huntshaw, Robert and Jane have a son who they again name John. This second John was baptized in Huntshaw on Jan 30, 1765. 

In February, 1761, banns were read in the church at St. Giles for the intended marriage of a Francis Brinsmead of St. Giles, spinster to a Richard Budd, a Carpenter from Beaford. Beaford is a village a few miles South-East of St. Giles. We found no record of an actual marriage although they in fact married. A daughter Mary was born in October, 1761 but her mother Francis obviously died in childbirth since Francis was buried on October 30, 1761 the same day Mary was baptized. 

By 1770, the family looked like this:

Robert and Grace's line

Robert (age 74) and Grace (age 69)

Thomas Barns (age 50) and Grace (age 47), presumably still living in Dalton, Devon (not researched so far)

  • Ann Dalton (age 19)

Henry (age 50) and Ann

  • Mary (age 27)
  • Elizabeth (age 23)
  • Ann (age 21)
  • Robert (age 14)

Robert (age 43) and Jane (of Huntshaw)

  • Mary (age 10)
  • John (age 5)

Margaret (age 37)

Henry and Francis' line

Francis (Henry's widow)

  • Henry (age 34)
  • Thomas (age 30)

Richard Budd (widower, spouse of Francis) (age 24)

  • Mary (age 9)


Mozart produces his first symphony (the Symphony in E flat K. 16) in late 1764 at age 8. 

A tax stamp manufactured for the Stamp Act
. In 1765 the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act in order to tax the American colonies.

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