Noel Brinsmead

Noel J. Brinsmead was a younger son of Horace George Brinsmead and thus a grandson of John Brinsmead..  

Noel Brinsmead came out to Canada as part of an East-Ender party of Home Children in 1912. This was four years after his father's death by suicide. He arrived at age 16 on the SS Canada. Soon after he arrived, he signed up for WW1 with the Canadian Army and went back to fight in Europe. 

There is a Noel J. Brinsmead lited in the Canadian Expeditionary Force with Regimental Number RG 150. The archive Reference Number is Accesion No. 1992-93/166, Box 1073-8

He was seriously injured at Ypres in May of 1915.


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