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10 Mar 2001

I wondered if you might have a connection to the Coram Family of Holcombe Rogus and Burlescombe .They are to be found in many surrounding villages. I have enjoyed visiting your site as I am researching in the same area of Devon. Jill Hurst

28 Mar 2001

A most interesting site. I was amazed to find this fascinating information, for I too am a Brinsmead. My name is Glen and I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. My father was Reginald, son of Victor who was a son of Thomas Edward in turn nephew of John Brinsmead (piano). Victor arrived in Tasmania in 1913. Regards Glen.

25 Apr 2002

Dear Andy,

Superb job and dedication! I am breathless. What a wonderful collection. I hope to see your site grow, and please feel free to ask anything from us in the West coast.

I am just a bit curious how is that my father's info is missing. Perhaps, I can assist?

Thank you so much, George Brinsmead

28 Apr 2002

Great work as ever Andy

Max Brinsmead, now at Coffs Harbour New South Wales and rather disgustingly lazy in rewriting the history of Brinsmeads in Australia.

30 Apr 2002

Hi, My name is Andrew Brinsmead. I am a brother of Maxwell Brinsmead (Australia) who has done a lot of research on the Brinsmead family and who directed me to your new website, My grandfather was Cedric John, his father was Henry Brinsmead and his father came from England (William Brinsmead) I have pictures of all of them. I have numerous cousins in Australia and am delighted to know I also have rellies in Canada.

22 Aug 2002

August 21, 2002. I have just discovered the Brinsmead web site. I'm in shock at the volume of information!

I am a Brinsmead by marrige. I married Ronald Arthur Brinsmead, the second son of Reginald John Brinsmead and Evelyn (Smallwood) Brinsmead, brother of Verne Allen Brinsmead.

I noticed that my husband's uncle's side of the family (Gordon and Joyce Brinsmead) has been submitted to your 'Descendants of Hugh Brinsmead' family tree. How fascinating to see the names of so many people I know (in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and St. Catharines, Ontario area) i.e. my family by marriage!

My husband, Ron (born October 23, 1947 in Toronto, Ontario) and I (born July 25, 1949 in Halsingborg, Sweden) have two children: daughter Allison Laura Brinsmead (born September 8, 1979 in Fredericton, New Brunswick) and son Matthew Craig Brinsmead (born May 6, 1982 in Fredericton, New Brunswick).

Due to a job opportunity, we moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1974 from southern Ontario where we both grew up, were educated and lived until about 2 years after our marriage (on September 23, 1972). We have lived in Fredericton ever since. Our children have grown up and been educated here as well.

I will continue to scan the many pages of fascinating information. What a treat!

Warmest wishes on your continuing work.

Regards, Merike Brinsmead (nee Tahe)

05 Oct 2002

Great work, Andy.

Every time I set about writing a history of Brinsmeads in Australia I get bogged down.

Now I know it will eventually be done by someone else!

Max Brinsmead demwb[at]

28 Oct 2002

Andy my name is John A. Leckie a direct descendant of Rachel Brinsmead. Please change her husbands name to John Samuel Leckie also add my sister, Marilyn Ann Leckie Groves(Norman Charles Groves. My e-mail is jleckie_39120[at]

28 Oct 2002

Andy my name is John A. Leckie a direct descendent of Rachel Brinsmead. Please change her husbands name to John Samuel Leckie also add my sister, Marilyn Ann Leckie Groves(Norman Charles Groves. My e-mail is jleckie_39120[at] contact me for further information or send me a form to fill out what information I can.

02 Nov 2002

This is a fascinating website! Having read the will of Thomas Brinsmead I note several references to William Ashplant. My great grandfather was John Ashplant (from Devon) born 13/4/1848 who married Emma Skinner (from North Tawton,Devon) born 11/5 1847. I would be very grateful for any information of the Ashplant family that you might have unearthed in your research. VFBrown1999[at]

12 Nov 2002

May I compliment you on an excellent website, both in its contents and its presentation. What drew me to it was research into my great-great uncle James Lamb born 1833 in East Yorkshire. After serving his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker he moved to London and worked at Brinsmeads for the rest of his life. At least three of his sons followed him into the business. Apparently James became head of a department that made pianoes for P & O Steamers. This week I was visiting London and looked up James Lamb's address in the 1881 Census in Vicars Road, London. This road joins onto Grafton Road, the address you give for John Brinsmead's factory. Looking across the railway track from Grafton Road I saw what looks very much like the factory buildings in your picture from the 1895 Illustrated London News, complete with the Victorian chimney. The security man at the gate had no idea of the buildings' history, and time did not permit me to investigate further on this one day trip to London. If anyone has further information about this factory I would be very interested to hear from them. My e-mail address is chstokoe[at] Colin Stokoe Wiltshire, England

30 Nov 2002


My name is Scott Wear of Amherstburg, Ont. My grandfather was William Ware(b1833) of St. Giles, Devon. He married Mary Tanton (b1834) at St. Giles in 1855 and then moved to Canada (Lambeth near London). From there the family moved to Windsor, where he was a blacksmith for the railway. They were Bible Christians then Methodists. Their marriage certificate lists his father as John Ware - farmer, and hers as George Tanton - sawyer. It seems possible there is a connection between our two families. Also, any suggestions on where I could find out more info.?

Thanks. Scott

24 Jan 2003

I have been trying to locate some of my old school chums and through Google I came across your site. The person I am looking for is Brian Brinsmead who married Janice Cullen both of whom were teenage friends. I lost track of them many years ago when they moved to the Vancouver area and was wondering if you can help me get in touch with them. Any help would be most appreciated.

Michael Raven


01 Feb 2003

Beautiful site! I was hoping that you might have come across some of my family while researching your family. According to our family bible, my great-grandfather, Joseph Taylor, married Eliza Sussex on May 3, 1872 in the St. Giles English church. Thanks to researchers I've met on the web, I've traced the Sussex line back to the 1600s, and they were in the St. Giles / Little Torrington area the whole time. I have no info on the Taylor line beyond Joseph Taylor. I was hoping you would check the parish records or any of your other records to see if you have anything on them. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Also, thank you so much for the photos of St. Giles - those are the first I've seen of the village. My sister is going to be there next week and I can't wait to see her photos too. I'm very jealous - wish I could go! If you have any suggestions as to where she should visit (or stay), please let me know. Again, thanks! - Michelle Taylor (mrtyl99[at]

11 Feb 2003

its brilliant

20 Feb 2003

I just donated a Henry Brinsmead piano to the Maryland Conservatory of Music, in Bel Air Maryland. It appears to have been made in the early 1860s; it has 85 keys, a "birdcage" mechanism, and rounded black keys. The case appears to be burled walnut and has considerable carving and filagree work. The Conservatory hopes to restore it to playing condition. We would love to find out some idea of what it is worth--at least as an anitique. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sharon Reutter <reutter[at]>

30 Mar 2003

I am the Great grandson of Henry Farncombe Billinghurst who married Rose Anne Brinsmead(He was the Country Manager for the Westminster Bank). My Grandfather, Henry Billinghurst, eldest son of Rose, was the Managing Director of Brinsmead & Sons. He retired to Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, where the piano frames for Brinsmead Pianos were cast by Booth & Brookes iron foundry. Rose had 3 sons & 4 daughters. Anymore information on this line can be provided if anybody is interested! Michael Billinghurst (e-mail: cateranmjb[at]

24 Apr 2003

from Eleanor White, Swansea, South Wales.

e-mail address: cats[at]

I have discovered your web site and have added it to my favourites list! I wanted to research your family as I have a wonderful 1904 John Brinsmead & Sons piano. It was my grandfathers piano and I believe that he, or my great grand father was himself a piano dealer. My father passed away three weeks ago and my brothers and I have been trying to piece together our family history as my father was very secretive about it for unknown reasons. My husband and I are moving abroad in the next few months and I have a very difficult decision to make about the piano. I do not want to risk taking it with us as it would break my heart if something happened to it. Therefore I may have to sell it.

I am very wary of just selling it to anyone as there is massive sentimental value there. Maybe you could give me some advice on dealers or what is the best course of action for me. Maybe you would even be interested in the piano yourselves-I think that it would be so fitting if it ended up back with the makers after so many years.

The piano itself:

1904. Solid mahogany. Overstrung, upright grand with an iron frame. Ivory keys.

Wonderful rich tone in perfect working order but for two notes in the bass which are sticking.

Overhauled about 20 years ago: new felts etc. (To help me with my grade 8 exam!)

Anyway, any help would be so gratefully received. I have loved this piano so much-it has given me years of enjoyment and everyone who sees it has loved it too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,


04 May 2003

I came across this site while searching for the Marsh Family from Devon. Even though it does not help me with my research I have spend an enjoyable while scanning your site. It is very informative and well laid out. Congratulations on one of the best sites I have seen todate Andy

16 May 2003

We are trying to trace a piano that we just bought.It has a sticker inside saying John Brinsmead and sons - 18 Wigmore st - London. It has a serial number stamped into the top right end of the piano case 27172. The Piano is located in Tasmania Australia .On the front of the piano it is identified as an Upright Iron Grand.It is black in colour with brass trim.

30 May 2003

What a wonderful site for family members to look at. Congratulations to the designers and the efforts of those that did the research and data entry. It is very user freindly, even to not so well advised users. My great grandmother was Elizabeth Ellen Brinsmead, and married John Daniel in Geelong Victoria, Australia in 1868.

zadot[at] au

07 Jul 2003

Great site - I'm related to Horace Brinsmead (he was my great-grandfather) and have done a fair amount of research in the UK - it's interesting to fill in some of the gaps from around the world ! Hope to be able to get to know some of my new found relatives and assist with their research ?? Sue Brinsmead

28 Jul 2003

Very helpfull site,well organised and easy to use. Anyone know any information in regard to Birtie Rudd db 1864 second son of Edwin Rudd and Anne Brinsmead? Jeanette Pockley C/O jackandali[at]

21 Aug 2003

What a wonderful site for family members to look at. Congratulations!!! My great grandfather and his family work for your family. Thomas Lee, Charles & Richard Francis Ealand in the late 1800's. Do you have employee records, length of service etc? John Ealand - New Zealand. ealand[at]

26 Aug 2003

I wondered if anybody knows anything about John Dalstenne? My family and I have been looking for information about our descendants as this is a very uncommon last name. My fathers name is Maurice Dalstenne.30/12/46 His fathers name is Charles Henry Dalstenne. Born, we think in 1921. My name is Nicole Simpson nee Dalstenne. My email address is jimlovell18[at]

04 Sep 2003

Could you please advise me when the piano of our family was made? the serial number is 61971 The Robinson Piano Ltd John Brinsmead and Sons.

The piano is of very old style and I presume it was made early last century.

The piano now still works well. All our family cherish it so much and we want to know the exact date or production and its original price at that time.

Thanks in advance.

Your faithfully

LI Qiying Beijing China

My e-mail address: liqy[at]

06 Oct 2003

my mother& fatherinlaw jack & lil dole will be married 70 years on the 23rd of this month they have 10 children and 32 grandchidren 2 step grandkids and 20greatgreatgrand kids thanks diane dole

09 Oct 2003

I have a John Brinsmead 6'2"x 5'1" Grand piano that also has the Angelus Brinsmead player on it Serial no is 73259 it is in an excellent condition and i am trying to sell it but do not know what price to ask To this day NO ONE i have asked knows of this type of piano as it is very rare. My email is chrtrpt[at]

09 Oct 2003

Correction to my email on the John Brinsmead Grand

It is chrtrp[at] and chralif[at]

14 Oct 2003

Hi, i just discovered this site, but under the canadian family tree section, the last generation has two problems with the children. Sharon Brinsmead's son is Shaun, but you have it spelled Shawn. and for Rachelle Brinsmead's daughter, me, you have the wrong name. my name is alexandria, not allison, thanks! (cherry_blossom55[at]

19 Oct 2003


A long time ago I wrote a message about Horace Brinsmeads killed on august 1918 near Amiens. Today I see there is an answer and that I have to indicate my e-mail : pilot2[at]

(remote name in the guestbook)


13 Nov 2003

Hello Cherry Blossom! I just noticed your note correcting your name. I had noticed that misspelling some while ago, because I have the real 'Allison' as my daughter! It's Merike speaking, in New Brunswick. I was just speaking with your grandmother, Joyce the other night. Write us sometime. We're at: rbrins[at] Take care!

16 Dec 2003

16 Dec 2003 Dear Andy(and all) My name is Angela Jane Richards(was Brinsmead).I am the sister of Michael John and Paul Charles Brinsmead.My father and mother are John and Sheila Brinsmead.My brother Mike told me of this site after he recived a Christmas card from a family member in Canada,who had traced him to the U.S.A. GREAT SITE! West Sussex ENGLAND.

Angela - could you send me your e-mail address? Thanks, Andy Sims

17 Dec 2003

Andy - thanks a million for the card and info re the web site - it was such a pleasant surprise - and congratulations of the work you have done - will pass the info on to the other members of the B. clan - John's siter, Hope Brinsmead Taylor has done a small book on their Brinsmead line and Roma Brinsmead Austin does own a Brinsmead piano - have a fantastic xmas and new Year -= Carlene Brinsmead (nee Jackman)

Carlene - could you send me your e-mail address? Thanks, Andy Sims

17 Dec 2003

Thanks for the Xmas card as a result of which I have now discovered this fantistic website. I am the son of Alfred Charles Brinsmead (English branch)although my mother's and my own names are incorrectly listed. My name is Barry Michael Brinsmead (not Charles) and her name was Gladys Ella Brinsmead although everyone knew her as Kay. I have two children Simon Andrew and Jennifer and their mother's name is Deborah (my ex-wife).

I note that you list my niece Ann and nephew Jeremy in the tree. I have not seen them for over twenty five years and would be extremely interested in making contact again. I believe they live somewhere in the U.S. possibly in the New York area. If you have any contact details that would be good.

My email address is barry.brinsmead[at] Many thanks and keep up the good work.

19 Dec 2003

hiya this is jeni i know clare brinsmead she is in my form at school. happy christmas lodsa luv jeni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx go on my websote

20 Dec 2003


I will E-mail you as well but please add my sincere congratulations to your log for this magnificent site.

Best wishes

Max Brinsmead Coffs Harbour NSW Australia demwb[at]

22 Dec 2003

Hi there, am trying to trace an upright piano just purchased.Brinsmead and sons serial number 27132 with iron frame.Any help would be greatly appreciated as there is no info avalaible in Australia it seems.Regards davidblenkhorn[at]

24 Dec 2003

Dear Andy, Hello, Anne-Marie Brinsmead, here, spouse of Duncan! Your tireless dedication to researching the Brinsmead family is enormously appreciated by this small Brinsmead family here -- Duncan, Alan (16 years old) and Anne-Marie. Duncan is the original "Brinsmead" in our family. His email address is: dbrins[at] His phone # (w) is 416/362-8558 x8217. May you kindly add the info on him below on your website (he is the son of Aveleigh and Alan Brinsmead, regrettably now both deceased, of Edmonton)? Here's the info on Duncan:

Duncan Brinsmead, a Principal Scientist and computer graphics software programmer and engineer in Research and Development at Alias Wavefront Inc. won a 2003 Oscar Academy Award for Technical Achievement for 3D Animation, Modeling and Rendering Production for pioneering cutting edge CG (computer graphics) features for Alias' Maya computer graphic software product, used by animation production houses worldwide for creating computer graphic effects in most major Hollywood movies such as The Perfect Storm, Spiderman, and Toy Story, to name a few. Duncan attended University of Toronto, Faculty of Music from 1977-1980 as a French Horn performance major. He graduated with a Bachelors in French Horn Music Performance from the world reknown, full-scholarship conservatory, Curtis Institute of Music, in Philadelphia in 1983. He received his Masters in Music Performance (French Horn) from Juilliard School of Music in New York City in 1984. He married Anne-Marie in 1983; his son Alan was born in 1987. His son Alan attends Trinity College School and enjoys filmmaking, computers and the media arts. In addition to being self-taught in many computer languages and in 3-D computer graphics animation, Duncan worked in the mid-1980s for Judson Rosebush Co., a production house in NYC and is an award recipient for his animation, "Fractal Fantasy", presented during the Animation Showcase at the 1988 international computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. Duncan is a veteran animator (he worked on Science animations for educational programming at TVO in the late 1980s) and a classical pianist who is one of the musicians on the cutting edge of innovation in the world of digital musicianship, conducting with the aid of synthesizers, sound libraries and computers, his own interpretations of Brahms, Mozart, and Mahler symphonies that sound similar to Leonard Bernstein's performances with the Vienna or New York Philharmonic Orchestras. If you would like to hear one of Duncan's symphony performances, email him at dbrins[at] He would love to own a Brinsmead piano someday!

31 Dec 2003

Hi Andy, Pam Brinsmead here. Am fascinated with your website. My brother Clive has been researching the Brinsmeads both here and in England and I will certainly tell him of your site. I live in Sydney and my email address is: pbrinsmead[at] ps. Thank you for your Christmas card - tresured.P.

31 Dec 2003

Pam Brinsmead sent her message 31/Dec 2003and wishes everyone a happy new year

01 Jan 2004

Happy new year to all.

Is anyone interested in a John Brinsmead GRAND PIANOLA that was made 1912-1915 serial number 73259. It seems to be a very rare pianno and possibly 5 of this type were ever made

06 Jan 2004

My father, Kelvin Brinsmead received your Christmas Card and forwarded me a copy. Kelvin )born 1934)is the son of Cecil William Brinsmead and has six children: Andrew Robert Brinsmead, Suzanne Jane O'Brien, Annette Elizabeth Johnston, Caroline Gaye Brinsmead, Dianne Maree Ward, Simon Anthony Brinsmead. Then there are the grandchildren. Most live in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have details on Kelvin's two brothers and sister. It is great to see the family tree. I will send more information to add to the family tree. ajohnston[at]

25 Jan 2004

I have a antique pianoe that was made by Philharmonic taned international pitch, at least that is the lettering on it. I am trying to find out how old it is and where it was first made at. It is small about 2' wide and 3' high. I can not find out anything about it or anyone that can tell me about it. Any information can be greatly helpfull. dstudy[at]

06 Feb 2004

Curiosity leads me to my origins, as has this website. It is always fascinating to see where the Brinsmeads have been and where they are today.

Also good to see myself listed - I am one of the two Shane Brinsmead's listed. Here's where I stand on your website...

Lets hope I can keep the line going someday!

06 Feb 2004

This is a cool place for projects and thats what im doing


My name is Brad Proctor

06 Feb 2004

I like this particular web site because of its old pics. I hope you add more. I like seeing pics of my old town, keep up the good work.


20 Feb 2004

Hi, we're not a Brinsmeads or related to anyone - but we are connected to the family. We have just bought a beautiful solid Oak piano. It was love at first sight and we couldn't resist buying it. I think this is the beginning of a new love affair. I would like to find out it's history - when built etc., and wonder if you can help me. Until today it has been in the same family. The Serial No. is.: 51733. Believed to have been built in 1892. Many thanks, ron[at]

Messages for the next few months were lost due to a computer error.

21 Sep 2004

A great web site and most interesting. I have a 1915 Brinsmead upright. I could not open your 1915 Brinsmead catalogue in pdf. My pdf files work well otherwise. Is something wrong with your pdf file of the catalogue? Neill Levy

04 Oct 2004

How do you do, it is from Tokyo in Japan. We the husband and wife got the piano of Brinsmead about 30 years ago in Japan. The serial number is stamped with 32943 with the upright type. Is it what may be understood that this is the thing manufactured in [ 1880? ] 1885? And supposing this piano has passed in 120, is it one precious set? I think if a reply is got. e-mail address takachu[at] -- my name It is Tooru Takachuu. Then, I need your help well.

10 Oct 2004


12 Oct 2004

John Andrew Leckie(33). My grandfather was John Samuel Leckie married to Rachel Brinsmead (not James).My daughter's name is Andree not Andre. E-mail jleckie_39120[at]

19 Oct 2004

Hi Andy and Family, What a wonderful time I am having, being able to look into the lives of people who until now,there has only been such vague information about.What a huge family we are, past and present. My very special thanks,to Max Brinsmead for all his help to me in the past,I will send some information about the family of Victor Brinsmead "my grandfather" son of Thomas Edward Brinsmead, who came to Tasmania in 1913,soon . Many thanks for all your wonderfull researching you have done on the family Joan Brown "Brinsmead" jfebrown[at] Bye

03 Nov 2004

Hi, my name is Janet Moran and I am related to Beatrice Annie Brinsmead who was related to John Brinsmead. She was my grandmother and she died around 1959 or so. I have been interested in the Brinsmead piano business though hearing stories from my dear father Peter Moran who sadly passed on in 1989. It has given me the will to want to know more about them and this is a brilliant website. I had no idea that there was so many of the Brinsmeads around especially in Australia and Canada, both places I have been lucky enough to visit. If any body knows about Thomas Brinsmead, think he was my Grandmother's brother who suddenly went to Canada around early 1900 - 1910 to find work as a lumberjack, but was never heard from again.I would be really pleased to hear about it, Who knows, I might have some nice Canadian relatives out there. I do know that my father tried to trace him through the Canadian Mounties but they did not have any information to give us. The year before last, I went to Atlanta Georgia and went to visit a really old plantation house, which lo and behold had a most wonderful Brinsmead piano. I managed to take two photos and it's something I will always cherish. It would be great to talk to anybody that knows any info about the above. yannim49[at]

01 Dec 2004

My name is Martine Rolff and I am trying to find out some information on Cecil John Brinsmead ( my great grandfather ). I can't find out who his parents are, all I know is who his daughter is, my grandmother, Lillian Dorothy Brinsmead. I am only new at searching the family history so if you have any helpful hints I would appreciate them. My email is shite_its_me2005[at] , Thankyou.