Brinsmeads through Ellis Island, New York, USA

Name Residence Arrived Age Ethnicity Notes Gender Marital Status Ship Port of Departure
Alfred Charles Brinsmead
27 July, 1918 16 English, British Member of ship's crew M
Balmoral Castle London, England, UK
Reginald Brinsmead
23 August, 1911
US Citizen
M M St. Paul Southampton, England, UK
Reginald Brinsmead Surry Grove, California 4 April, 1923 47 US Citizen

M M Olympic Southampton, England, UK
Herbert John Brinsmead
21 Feb. 1908 35 Brit, English
M M Adriatic Southampton, England, UK
John P. Brinsmead London 14 Nov. 1892 28 Canada, Canada
City of Chester Liverpool, England, UK
Elizabeth Brinsmead London, England 16 Nov. 1907 61 Gt. Britain, English
F W Arabic Liverpool, England, UK
Wallace S. Brinsmeade
27 August, 1908 21 US Citizen
M S Carmania Liverpool, England, UK
Daniel S. Brinsmeade
27 August, 1908 50 US Citizen
M M Carmania Liverpool, England, UK