Rebecca Vodden   S

Personal Data:
Item Date Place/Description
Birth 1842 St Giles in the Wood, Devon, England
Birth 1845 St Giles In The Wood, Devon, England S
Birth ABT 1845 St Giles, Devon, England S

Parent Name
Father Robert Vodden


William Brinsmead Hookway   

Event/Description Date Place/Status
Marriage 23 May 1864 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon, England S
Son: Thomas Vodden Brinsmead Hookway  Born: JUL 1869
Son: Gilbert Vodden Brinsmead Hookway  Born: 1870
Daughter: Elizabeth Anne Hookway  Born: 1871
Daughter: Fanny E. Hookway  Born: 1872
Son: William Hookway  Born: 1875
Son: Charles Hookway  Born: 1877
Son: Walter Hookway  Born: 1883
Daughter: Carrie Hookway  Born: 1886