Brinsmead Biographies


Brinsmead Biographies

This series of pages provides us with space to feature the many interesting Brinsmead descendants from the past or the present. We will prepare a page for any person or family group for whom we have pictures or information sufficient to make a page worthwhile.

If you have information on, or pictures of, family members, please send them on to us so that we can include them here. We will continue with our own research, building up as comprehensive a bank of biographies as possible. We will include any Brinsmead relative or descendant, whether they carry the Brinsmead name or not.

We realize old photos are heirlooms; if you cannot copy them yourself but would be willing to send them to us, we will take the greatest care, copy them here and return them right away.  Obituaries are a great source of family history. If you have any for Brinsmead descendants, please send us a photocopy. If you have anything you would like to see included or that you think might be interesting to others please contact us by e-mail, or by writing to:

Andy Sims — editor —

3 Wellington Crescent, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5N 3V2