This page lists the known wills which are not transcribed or scanned on this site. Those available here are indexed on the right side of this page.

Many of the wills that existed in Somerset and Devon were sent to Exeter during World War Two for safekeeping. Unfortunately, a bomb destroyed the building they were housed in and the originals were lost. Our hope is that someone may have transcribed some of these wills prior to then. anyone having any record of any of the wills listed on this page are asked to send us details. 

Index of Barnstable Wills - 1563-1858

Brimsmead, Henry, St. Giles, 1701

Brinsmade, Robert, St. Giles, Aug 16, 1806

Brinsmead, Agnes, St. Giles, 28 June, 1627

Brinsmead, Henry, Alverdiscott, 2 March, 1818

Brinsmead, John, Witheridge, 1718

Brinsmead, John, St. Giles, 28 July 1857

Brinsmead, Robert, St. Giles, 31 Dec 1774

Brinsmead, Thomas, St. Giles, 13 July 1626

Brinsmead, Thomas, St. Giles in the Wood, 18 August, 1855

Brinsmead, William, Great Torrington, 11 June, 1838

Brinsmeade, Christiana, St. Giles, 6 June 1685

National Probate Index - searched by Chris Willis

probate index 1701-1749 PCC

probate index 1853-7

1872 Brinsmead, Hugh.  10th May.  The will of Hugh Brinsmead late of St David's-hill in the county of the city of Exeter who died 21st April 1872 at St David's-hill was proved at Exeter by Susan Tancock (wife of Samuel Tancock, bricklayer) of St David's-hill the daughter the sole executrix. Effects under 200.

1873 Brinsmead, Robert. 30th October. The will of Robert Brinsmead late of Great Torrington in the county Devon Accountant who died 23rd September 1872 at Great Torrington was proved at Exeter by Edwin Rudd of Great Torrington Glove Manufacturer the sole executor.

1878 Brinsmead, Thomas. 22nd February.  The will of Thomas Brinsmead formerly of 2 St Ann's-place Commercial-road but late of 747 Commercial-road in the county of Middlesex who died 28th December 1877 at 747 Commercial-road was proved at the principal registry by Mary Ann Brinsmead of 747 Commercial-road widow the relict the sole executrix.

1884 Brinsmead, Elizabeth Caroline. 25th August. The will of Elizabeth Caroline Brinsmead late of 3 Cadogan-place Sloane-square in the county of Middlesex spinster who died 10th July 1884 at 3 Cadogan-place was proved at the principal registry by John Brinsmead of 18 Wigmore-street Cavendish-square in the said county pianoforte manufacturer and Ann Way, 65 Maitland-park-road, Haverstock-hill in the said county widow the executors.

1885 Brinsmead, Henry. 2nd March. The will of Henry Brinsmead late of Ipswich the county of Suffolk Machinist who died 25th January 1885 at Ipswich by Mary Ann Brinsmead 127 Fore-street Ipswich widow the relict the sole executrix.

1885 Brinsmead, Thomas. 11th April. The will of Thomas Brinsmead late St Giles-in-the-Wood in the county of Devon Machinist who died the 24th July 1884 at St Giles-in-the-Wood was proved at Exeter by Rachel Williams of Mount Radford in the county and city of Exeter widow the daughter and John Stockham of the city of Exeter Cork Merchant the executors.

1887 Brinsmead, William. 11th November. The will of William Brinsmead late of 4 Clarence-place Newport in the county of Monmouthshire who died 10th October 1887 at 4 Clarence-pl was proved Llandaff by Thomas Brinsmead of 2 Queen-street Salisbury the county of Wiltshire Music Seller the son and Harry Williams of 2 Commercial-street Newport Boot and Shoe manufacturer two of the executors.

1900 Brinsmead, Elizabeth of Brookland house Caerleon-road Newport Monmouthshire spinster died the 20th February 1900. Probate Llandaff 30th March to Thomas Brinsmead pianoforte and music salesman and Harry Spencer Williams bootmaker effects 824: 11s: 9d.

1905 Brinsmead, Mary Ann of Ipswich widow died the 13th April 1905. Probate Ipswich 7th June to Arthur Pain chemist and druggist effects 3541: 6s.

1906 Brinsmead, Thomas James of the "Limes" 7 Fellows-road south Hampstead Middlesex died 9th November 1906 Probate London 18th December to Elizabeth Brinsmead widow and Herbert John Brinsmead pianoforte ironmonger.  Effects  14933: 1s: 4d

1908 Brinsmead, Edgar William of 5 Hillside-mansions Highgate Middlesex and of 18-22 Wigmore-street Middlesex died the 28th November 1907. Probate London 4th August to Oliver Thorn coach builder and Herbert John Brinsmead pianoforte ironmonger.  Effects 6095: 8s: 2d.

1908 Brinsmead, Horace George of Nassington-road Hampstead Middlesex died 21st July 1908 at 5 John-street Tottenham-court-road Middlesex Probate London 15th August to Alice Maud Mary Brinsmead widow.  Effects 188: 18s.

1908 Brinsmead, John was 16 Albert-road Regent's Park Middlesex died 17th February 1908. Probate London 22nd April to Henry Farncombe Billinghurst gentleman Emily Eliza Brinsmead spinster and Henry Billinghurst secretary to public company.  Effects 46127: 18s: 5d.

1908 Brinsmead, Sarah of 16 Albert-road Regent's Park Middlesex (wife of John Brinsmead) died 29th December 1907. Admon London 10 December to Henry Farncombe Billinghurst gentleman Emily Eliza Doddridge (wife of James Doddridge)  Henry Billinghurst secretary to public company.  Effects 1108: 13s.  Revoked 12th January 1909.

1909 Brinsmead, Susan of 16 Albert-road Regent's Park Middlesex (wife of the  John Brinsmead) died 29th December 1907. Admon  London 28th January to Henry Farncombe Billinghurst gentleman Emily Eliza Doddridge (wife of James Doddridge) and Henry Billinghurst secretary to a public company.  Effects 1108: 13s.  Former grant December 1908 (revoked).

1914 Brinsmead Sophia of 11 Godfrey-road Newport Monmouthshire spinster died  9th October 1914 Probate London 17th October to Thomas Brinsmead musical instrument dealer and Louisa Williams (wife of Harry Williams). Effects 58: 3s: 6d.

1919 Brinsmead Alfred Ernest of 69 Rutland-road Forest Gate Essex mechanic RAF 13th July 1918 at sea on active service Probate London 15th February to Florence Elizabeth Brinsmead widow. Effects 112: 13s: 9d.

1919 Brinsmead Cecil Horace 16 Norton-road Wembley Middlesex Flight Sub-Lieutenant RNAS died 11th January 1916 at Dardanelles admon London 12th May to Alice Maud Mary Brinsmead widow. Effects 122: 18s: 9d. 

1921 Brinsmead Edgar John of Beech near Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire died 28th April 1916 at 200 River-avenue Toronto Canada Probate London 2nd  July to Millicent Gordon widow. Effects 214: 16s.

1928 Brinsmead Thomas of 30 High-street Salisbury died 7th January 1928 Probate Salisbury 7th June to Louisa Mary Brinsmead widow Thomas William Brinsmead musical warehouseman and Elizabeth Maud Brinsmead spinster. Effects 5264: 4s: 5d.

1929 Brinsmead Edward George Stanley of Oakwood Cuffley hill Cuffley Hertfordshire died 2nd January 1929 Probate London 16th March to Edith Annie Brinsmead widow and Albert Edward Brinsmead manufacturer. Effects 12,452: 6s: 1d.

1929 Brinsmead Elizabeth of 2 Belsize-grove mansions Hampstead Middlesex widow died 29th May 1929 at Caer Gwynt Wykeham-road Worthing Probate London 9th July to Herbert John Brinsmead manufacturer and James Daniel Wolff metal merchant. Effects 28 860: 8s: 1d.

1935 Brinsmead Louisa Maria of 30 High-street Salisbury widow died 22nd September 1935 Probate Winchester 18th November Thomas William Brinsmead music warehouseman and Elizabeth Maud Brinsmead spinster. Effects 1029: 4s.

1937 Brinsmead Walter Sydney of Cambridge House Queens-road Cowes Isle of Wight died 3rd January 1937 Probate London 14th May to William Latey barrister-at-law. Effects 7148: 19s: 11d.

1940 Brinsmead Annie of 9 Castlemain-avenue west Southbourne Bournemouth widow died 28th April 1940 Probate London 29th May to Millicent Gordon widow and Cecile Margaret Bayley spinster. Effects 482: 11s: 4d.

1943 Brinsmead Horace Clowes of 58 Broadway Camberwell Victoria Australia died 11th February 1934 admon (with will) Melbourne to the Perpetual Executors and Trustees Association of Australia Ltd. Effects 2651: 17s: 8d in England.  Sealed Llandudno 27th August.

1891 Latey John Lash 6th February Personal Estate [8?]98: 19s: 9d. [Times has 398: 19s:2d] The will of John Lash Latey formerly of 16 Lawford road St Pancras but late of 11 North villas Camden Square St Pancras in the County of Middlesex who died 6th January 1891 at 11 North Villas was proved at the principal registry by John Latey of 78 Bartholomew Road Kentish Town in the said County journalist the son and Elizabeth Latey of 11 North Villas spinster the daughter the executors.

1902 Latey John baker died 23rd February 1902.

1903 0

1904 Latey Julia of 30 Stanley Gardens South Hampstead Middlesex spinster died 6th January 1904 probate London 30th January to Elizabeth Latey spinster.  Effects 4370: 7s: 10d.

1905 0

1931 Billinghurst Rosa Ann of 87 York mansions Battersea Park Surrey widow died 3rd January 1931 probate London 20th February to Henry Billinghurst retired manufacturer and Alice Emily Billinghurst spinster effects 22,832: 5s.

1932 Bauer Laura Elizabeth otherwise Laura of Dominion Buildings Salisbury Southern Rhodesia widow died 25th October 1932 at the Hospital Salisbury probate London 21st December to Alice Emily Billinghurst spinster and Walter Brinsmead Billinghurst MB.  Effects 20,472: 5s: 4d.